About Damian O’Toole Town Planning

Damian O’Toole Town Planning (DOTP Pty Ltd) was formed in 2003 by Damian O’Toole, after gaining experience working for various Councils in London and Sydney.

Experience has been gained in a wide range of development proposals including small scale residential development to large scale commercial, industrial and mixed use development proposals.

Our clients include individuals, architects, developers and Councils. We are therefore in a unique position to offer advice that is based on an understanding of the requirements and aspirations of both the public and private sectors.

We aim to assist our clients with professional, honest and sound advice.

Advice is also always up to date and our staff are endorsed as Certified Practicing Planners by the Planning Institute of Australia, as accredited energy assessors by the Australian Building Sustainability Association and as heritage advisors with appropriate tertiary qualifications and experience.

Through our contact experience, we can also recommend other experts (architects, engineers, landscapers, acoustic consultants etc) and put you in contact with our associates to assist in other aspects of the development approval.

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