Section J BCA

New buildings that fall under Classes 2 to 9 (multi unit buildings or non-residential buildings) of the BCA are required to comply with the Section J energy saving requirements of the NCC/BCA.

Section J BCA

Usually consent authorities require a Section J compliance report at either the Development Application or Construction Certificate stage.

The Section J Report will cover the ‘Deemed to Satisfy’ requirements for the following Parts of the NCC/BCA:

J1: Building Fabric: Ceiling/roof, external walls and floors.

J2: Glazing

J3: Building Sealing

J6: Artificial Lighting

J7: Hot Water Supply and Swimming Pool and Spa Pool Plant

J8: Access for Maintenance and Facilities for Monitoring

We provide reports to demonstrate compliance with the requirements for Section J.

Contact us to request a quote.   Our staff are experienced with the requirements of this section of the NCC/BCA.

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